Is Dramatic Improvement Actually Possible?

If you have found your way to this site, most likely you or someone dear to you has been stricken with Lyme Disease.  Kim was once in your position.  Unsure where to turn or what to do.  Even though the odds were stacked against her, she never gave up.  And finally, she found her answers and experienced incredibly healing and miraculous recovery. Please take a few minutes and watch her share her incredible story.

Lyme free for 4 years

Did you catch the moment at 13:40?

Did you catch what Kim says at 13:40?  I think it is the most IMPORTANT moment of the entire video, and I would say it was the moment she embraced the inner growth and soul evolution required to enable healing to occur.  I am going to repeat that because I think it is so fundamentally important to the process of Lyme Disease recovery:  she embraced the inner growth and soul evolution required to enable healing to occur.  More on this later. 

Karin and I and the rest of Kim's team worked collaboratively with Kim on her Lyme Disease and coinfections for years to achieve recovery.  But I have some incredibly wonderful news that I am so excited to share with you.  Karin and I have developed a Lyme Disease healing protocol that is much, much faster.  With this system, we believe you can work towards clearing the symptoms of Lyme in as little as 4 months!  My dear friend, this is possible for you.

Kim made some incredible breakthroughs during our work together, and she had some kind words to say about me and my techniques as an energy healing practitioner:

"How can I say enough about Justin? He is a gifted, caring healer who always goes
above and beyond and has made such an amazing difference in my life. I have come
to trust him, his intuition and the information that flows through him effortlessly and
completely. He continues to be a gift and blessing to me. I have made significant
progress in my physical health, mental health and in communication with my body.
You see, my body and I have not always been on the same page. I had been through
lots of trauma. Western medical doctors had no idea how to treat me. Eastern and
alternative tried, but they failed . Until I decided to take my power back and discovered
different avenues of healing. Not much changed except that I became sicker as I
focused on the medical aspects. So, I decided to focus much less on the medical and
focus more on mind/body connection, spiritual and energy healing. That was where
true transformation lied.
I met Justin several years into my healing journey. The progress that I have made is
remarkable and some amazing miracles have happened. I continue to improve and
get better each day and I am so grateful that he continues to be an integral part of my
healing and restoration always with God at the center.
Justin has been trained by some of the best in his field. He uses many different types
of techniques and always uses the best one for you. He is experienced, talented and
nothing is too difficult or complicated for him. I know that Justin will be a blessing in
your life too."

- Sincerely, Kimberley Haworth

Healing Lyme Disease

There was another key moment in the video at the 11:48 mark.  Did you catch it?  Kim describes Lyme as a very INTELLIGENT bacteria.  This is...well, quite an unfortunate truth.  My professional experience corroborates this, that Lyme certainly is a very intelligent bacteria.  To figure out how to HEAL Lyme, one must first understand how Lyme RESISTS HEALING.

The greatest trick Lyme ever pulled was convincing your body that it was GOOD.  I cannot stress this enough.  When the Lyme molecules first entered your system, your body mistakenly categorized them as probiotics or good bacteria.  Once it labeled the Lyme as good, it sent helper molecules to BIND to the Lyme molecules and assist them.  This deception creates huge barriers to clearing the Lyme molecules from your system.  Truly, it is the biggest HURDLE when it comes to healing Lyme Disease.  Let's take a deeper look.

The Nitty-Gritty of the Healing Protocol

It All Starts With Inner Growth

The Lyme Disease Healing Protocol takes two sessions to administer.  Each session runs an hour and a half to two hours.  The above video describes the work done in the second healing session.  Before that physical healing process can be undertaken, a deeper growth process must occur.  This subtle, sacred work is done in the first healing session.

Over the years working as an energy healing practitioner, I've made strides and improvements in my thinking.  I've deepened my understanding of the varied components needed for healing to occur.  But perhaps my most powerful revelation was when I finally grasped the relationship between inner growth and long term healing.  

Challenging issues and problems push us to grow on many levels.  They help us evolve to the next highest and best version of ourselves.  There are lessons for us in our challenges.  I've found in my professional and personal experience that sometimes we need to learn and fully integrate the wisdom gained on all levels before an issue will improve.  If this does not happen...if we do not "get and integrate" the learning on all levels, our systems can actually BLOCK the issue from resolving.  This obviously poses a problem and needs to be taken into account during healing work.

To work towards clearing the symptoms of Lyme, we will need to find and integrate the appropriate learning for you.  Many people run one or more self-sabotaging patterns (thought, emotional, or behavioral) that impede quick integration of the learning.  So we may need to heal some negative energy that has crystallized into self-sabotaging patterns as the first step, and then integrate the learning on all levels as the second step.  

Search and Eliminate

Once we have completed the two healing sessions of the Lyme protocol, your immune system will be PRIMED and READY to find and eliminate the Lyme molecules from your body.  Utilizing 2 key supplements, we believe we can work towards clearing the symptoms of Lyme in only 3 to 4 months, depending on the severity of the Lyme.  Descriptions and instructions for supplements come included with the Lyme Disease Healing Package.  

Lyme Disease Healing Package

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Expedited Lyme Disease Healing Package

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Kind Words

"Justin is a warm, compassionate professional wellness coach. He is highly intuitive and very skilled with kinesiology, which allows him to easily find the true underlying source of any challenge. He draws from a wide array of talents to resolve even the most persistent issues. It is a joy to work with such a gifted person with so many unique skills and techniques!"    - K. F.


"When psychotherapy and medication failed to improve my wellbeing, I turned to energy work. I’ve seen lots of practitioners in my long journey of recovery from trauma and abuse.  Justin has proven to be one of the finest of them, in spite of his young age. I really wish I had found him sooner! His skills and expertise are delivered with compassion, kindness and integrity.  His intuition is incredibly accurate and has shed much needed light on deep corners of my soul. I am pleasantly surprised with how far I’ve come in my healing and how dramatically I have changed after I started working with him. His soothing, reassuring voice and generous and loving spirit have truly made a positive difference in my life. I look forward to our sessions and feel great excitement to share my progress.  Also, I’m impressed at how eagerly he pursues new ways of making his work more effective and achieving our goals. I highly recommend him and am deeply grateful for his support and encouragement."           - H. Morgan


"In a serene and safe atmosphere, Justin's expert guidance through the healing process zeroes in on whatever feeling is limiting your enjoyment of life and quickly alleviates that feeling.  In just two sessions I was able to let go of feelings of extreme sadness related to a tragic event that occurred 14 years ago.  After the second session I felt lighter with a sense of freedom and well being.  I highly recommend this unique and effective service."    - Rachel


"Justin is an excellent practitioner. He made me feel at ease and gave me the necessary prompting to work through my issues without it feeling forced or goading me towards a goal that wasn't my own. After having my weight yo-yo for my entire adult life, I was ready to give up. I decided I would give my final effort with the help of Justin and his techniques and I am so glad I did! He helped me realize that my weight issues were tied to my being bullied as a child for hair loss. I never would have made the connection. Even after just one session, my confidence was higher and my cravings for unhealthy foods finally felt manageable. It suddenly felt easy to skip the fries or choose the stairs instead of the elevator. The weight began to melt away. I have been losing weight and keeping it off, finally, and am doing it in a healthy way! I cannot recommend Justin highly enough."    - E.C.

Lyme Coinfections: Bartonella and Babesia

Lyme Disease often shows up with coinfections, most commonly Bartonella and/or Babesia.  Since most of my Lyme clients have at least one coinfection, I have developed separate healing protocols for these afflictions to pair with the Lyme Disease healing protocol:

Bartonella Healing Package

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Expedited Bartonella Healing Package

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Babesia Healing Package

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Expedited Babesia Healing Protocol

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Bulk Packages, Deals and Special Pricing

It is important to understand that your body can detox from multiple things at once. If you purchase multiple healing packages, there will still be only one elimination phase for your entire program.  You can detox from Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia all at once.  This wonderful news significantly shortens the improvement time frame expected for people with coinfections. 



Save $50 for every basic healing package you purchase IN ADDITION to your first order

Save $300 for every expedited healing package you purchase IN ADDITION to your first order

Example 1: Buy basic healing packages for Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia and pay $425 instead of $525

Example 2: Buy expedited healing packages for Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia and pay $1000 instead of $1,600

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